Pain Management during the Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body undergoes a variety of physiological and endocrinological changes as the baby inside her womb starts to develop. A pregnant woman can expect misalignment in her joints or spine as her body starts to accommodate the growth of the baby.

Most of these changes will cause some women experience chronic pain in their joints and spines throughout their pregnancy.  Periodic chiropractic adjustments during this time can give much needed relief and help the expecting mother to learn what “counter pressure” points will help her during labor.  This is a important conversation to have with your chiropractor toward the end stages of your pregnancy.


It may sound petty to some but posture is a important part of pain management for an expecting mother.  Because your body is literally changing everyday, your balance and alignment changes everyday.  Adjustments will help you to realign yourself to compensate for the new changes and allow you to keep better posture.  The better your posture during pregnancy the less chronic pain you will feel.

Fetal Position and Pelvic Alignment

Fetal position and pelvic alignment are two components of child birth that effect labor time the most.  Pelvic misalignments can not only complicate labor but even the development of the child.  Chiropractic treatments help adjust the pelvic positioning to the optimal location to receive the fetus during labor. Health experts also believe that undergoing chiropractic treatments help avoid the acquisition of any form of back labor.

Find the Right Chiropractor for your Pregnancy

It is optimal to check in with your chiropractor multiple times during your pregnancy.  Not only for adjustments, but for advice on stretches, or exercise routines.  This dialog can help you find the tools that will best serve you during labor.

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