Top care for the Modern Day Athlete

I’ll start by saying off the bat, I am a serious sports fan.  I have a special place in my heart for athletes that dedicate themselves to a craft.

As a chiropractor, I have special access to see first hand what athletes must endure to keep training and performing at a high level. 

Evan Valez is one of the exceptional athletes we sponsor.  He is currently the #1 ranked flyweight in the Northeast MMA rankings. Evan Valez is one of the exceptional athletes we sponsor.  He is currently the #1 ranked flyweight in the Northeast MMA rankings.

Chiropractic care for Professional Athletes

“A good manager will help the fighter get what he wants and needs for free, such as: chiropractic, massage, tattoos, clothing, and equipment, anything that they need.”

— Mike Constantino of MVC Management, MMA Manager

Professional athletes undertake extremely rigorous training, which makes it hard for the body to recuperate.  Small injuries can become serious, effect training and or performance, if the proper attention isn’t given.  While most people may see a chiropractor for back issues, chiropractic care for athletes can span the whole body.  

This is especially true for contact sports like mixed martial arts, wrestling, football, hockey, Karate, Muay Thai or any kind of grappling like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Injuries and pain management are just parts of training but smart athletes will seek a chiropractor to lessen the effects of pain and injury on their performance.

Professional athletes can’t afford to miss opportunities due to preventable injuries, so part of their session usually involves a great deal of advisement.  I advise on supplements, nutrition and diet as well as modifications to training to accommodate injuries.

Athletes are Athletes…

In truth, the services I extend to pro athletes are available for all athletes.   I regularly adjust athletes that aren’t pros, they are teachers, cops, office managers, etc.  They just want help to managing minor injuries so they can keep a steady training schedule and live the rest of their life pain free.


Common injuries remedies Grapplers

Grip fighting injuries to the wrist and fingers are usually very simple to adjust.   Shoulder and neck adjustments usually help with stiffness, while cold laser therapy can help with pain management.

BJJ players generally will experience some back pain from working off their back.  Judo players can experience similar back pain from improper falls.  This can be helped with spinal manipulation or sometimes by using our gentler Pro Adjuster.

Common injures remedies for Runners

Runners are another set of athletes that see their share of punishment, albeit mostly to their knees, hips and feet.  Proper alignment allows the stress of running to be distributed much more evenly through the hips and knees.  Of all my athletic patients, runners probably see the most benefit from spinal adjustments.

High School Athletes

A high school athlete will practice for one sport 5-7 time per week.  In addition to that, they might strength train and/or play other sports recreationally.  If that is not a serious athlete, I don’t know what is.

Teenage athletes feel invincible, but there is a price to be paid when they are older.  If you have a “old high school injury”, you understand what I am talking about.

The high school athletes I see don’t necessarily come because they feel they needed to.  Usually they have proactive parents who understand what kind of wear these activities will have on their child’s body going forward and how to mitigate some of it without limiting their child now.

If you think you could benefit from chiropractic care due to an activity you are involved in, contact my office for a free consultation.  


About Dr. Will

Besides Chiropractic, Dr. McKenna offers Laser Smoking Cessation, Laser Weight Loss and BrainCore Therapy Neurofeedback in his office. His patients range from infants to seniors as well as non athletes to professional MMA fighters. Dr. Will himself is a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which he feels contributes to a healthier lifestyle.