Avoid Workplace Back Pain in Pelham with a Chiropractor

The workplace can be a high-risk environment even if you work a desk job. Many workplaces are putting increased focus on ergonomics and safety precautions. Hundreds of accidents and injuries happen every year that could’ve been prevented. Simple things like lifting the right way or using the right sitting positions can help you avoid both short-term and long-term pain.

Some workplaces like construction sites have workers compensation. Others require you to file other claims to get the medical care you need. It all depends on the company and the circumstances around your injury. Whatever happens, your first stop should be to see a doctor. They can treat any broken bones, head injuries, and more. For long-term care and rehab, many people need a chiropractor.

Sometimes, patients come in after a slip and fall or other accidents. We can help you align your spine and more as your body heals. Patients also come in after years of not taking care of their back. We can help you alleviate pain now and keep it from coming back. An experienced chiropractor can assess the situation and provide the services you need.

Discuss Your Options in Pelham with an Experienced Chiropractor

An experienced chiropractor above all else provides you with viable options. Some patients need months of extensive therapy. They come three times a week or more for adjustments. When you stay on the recommended schedule, you see results faster. At first, patients with more severe pain can expect to see pain come and go between appointments.

Over time, you can get to the point of not needing as much treatment. Maybe you’ll still come in, but you’ll gradually reduce the frequency until you only need to come in once a week or every other week. The idea behind treatment isn’t to handicap you. Just like any other good medical plan, we want to help you get healthier and become more self-sufficient. Depending on the patient and what you do, some need a chiropractor for years to come. Others consider it temporary.

Always keep in mind some patients are just more prone to injuries and pain. This is especially true as you age. What can you do to protect your back and neck?

Be Healthier between Appointments with Your Chiropractor

If you’re in a physical labor setting, always talk to your workplace about any risks and dangers you see. You could save yourself and others hassle and injuries that take you out of the workplace. Many workplaces provide training on things like the proper lifting techniques. In an office setting, you might have resources to learn about proper ergonomics at a desk. Take advantage of these resources and ask questions as needed.

Regular exercise can also help you prevent injuries and be healthier as a whole. The majority of injuries in a gym setting are caused by taking on too much too fast or improper use of the gym equipment. Working with a personal trainer, even temporarily, can help you learn the right techniques. Then you can use these techniques to strengthen your body including your back and avoid injuries.

Minimize Lost Productivity in Pelham with a Chiropractor

Back and neck pain are the most common injuries in many workplaces. This can range from pain that slows you down to pain taking you out of work and causing sick days. It’s in the best interest of every company to provide chiropractic and other services to prevent these types of injuries.

It’s also in the interest of employees to be proactive. You can treat pain after accidents or enjoy regular tune-ups. Chiropractors help patients align their spines, reduce inflammation, and more. Your day to day activity can minimize damage. Things like sitting up straight and taking regular breaks along with wearing the right shoes can prevent everyday pain. This has many of the same benefits with the right treatment plan after an accident.

If you need tips to stay healthy or treatment to address back and neck pain, come to our offices. A chiropractor can help you address common problems and their causes. You can get to the root of the problem and avoid more issues along the way. Just click here and see the difference in treatment.

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