Been in a Car Accident? Time to see a Chiropractor.

car accident chiropractic care

When you are involved in a car accident, even a minor one, it is stressful and scary. You may think you are ok and injury-free in the direct aftermath but that may not be true. Immediately following a car accident, the stress and adrenaline rush you experience can mask your pain and you won’t know you have been injured. Often the neck and spine are injured in a low-speed car accident, but you are not aware until the next day or even up to two weeks later.

At McKenna Family Chiropractic we recommend coming in for a chiropractic assessment within 24 hours of being in a car accident if not sooner.

What happens to our body in a car accident.

  • Hopefully, you are wearing a seatbelt when in a motor vehicle. While a seatbelt is designed to protect you from impacting the windshield, steering wheel, or being thrown from the vehicle it does so by forcefully tightening on your body. This force can cause shoulder, spine, and neck injuries that require treatment to heal.
  • All car accidents, even those with little to no damage, create force. That force must travel somewhere, and our bodies absorb some of this impact while being in the car. This can cause misalignments to occur or aggravate unknown existing conditions.
  • When we are in a car accident are bodies are often “jarred” forward and backward very quickly. The neck and spine are especially susceptible to injuries from this type of forceful motion and should be evaluated by a chiropractor.

When you should see a chiropractor after a car accident.

Seeking medical attention within 72 hours of a car accident is critical, otherwise, injuries such as whiplash may go undetected for weeks and if left untreated cause chronic and painful conditions. It is also important to seek a medical evaluation promptly so that you have the information required to submit any insurance claims. Most medical insurance providers cover chiropractic care after a car accident.

Our cars can be fixed or replaced. We only get one body. Take care of it and seek treatment even if you don’t think you have incurred an injury during a car accident or the pain “isn’t so bad”. A Chiropractor is trained to identify neck and spine injuries and help you address any injuries so that you can receive proper treatment to heal and help you avoid chronic pain in the future.

If you have been in a car accident, don’t wait for pain or problems to develop. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Will to check for any injuries and develop a treatment plan if necessary.

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