No one expects to get in a car accident. Almost everyone will get in an accident at some point in their lives as a driver or passenger. We get nervous when getting on boats and planes, but car accidents are more likely. Many injuries are mild like whiplash. With time and care, you’ll recover completely. Even a small bump comes with consequences. Chiropractors in Pelham NY help patients get things back in line every day.

What kind of injuries are most common after an auto accident? How much will chiropractors do to help you? Neck, shoulder, and back injuries are common even with small fender benders. It could be as small as a tap on your back bumper. When drivers or passengers see a car coming behind them, their body tenses up. This contributes to strained back, neck, and shoulder muscles.

Each accident is different. If you find yourself seriously injured, always go to a hospital first. They treat immediate problems and anything that requires extensive medical treatment. Chiropractors help with whiplash and other ongoing pain. The effects of auto accidents last for weeks in some patients.

Treatment Options with Chiropractors in Pelham NY

Insurance companies cover chiropractic treatments post-accident. Chiropractors also explore payment options with each patient. Some common treatments include:

  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Muscle Stimulation and Relaxation Therapy
  • Area Specific Exercises
  • Lifestyle Advice for Ergonomic Issues

Each chiropractic plan addresses the immediate issue. How do you get rid of back, neck, or other pain after an accident? The other part is prevention. How do you prevent future injuries in those areas? Some people prefer regular adjustments. Minimizing the frequency you need saves time and money. Each accident and patient is different. So every part of a chiropractic plan is tailored to the individual. Minor issues are resolved quickly. The same patients could benefit from regular adjustments and lifestyle changes. The auto accident pushed these patients over the edge. They already had health issues aggravated by the accident. Other patients are healthy. They need short-term treatment to address the acute issues.

Doctors prescribe pain medications for acute pain shortly after an incident. As chiropractors strengthen the area and help patients heal, they’ll need less until they take no pain medication at all. Long-term pain medication usage leads to addiction, side effects, and other complications. Patients understandably want to avoid these when possible. A chiropractor makes that possible.

Prevent Injuries with Chiropractors in Pelham NY before an Accident

Patients don’t have to wait until they’ve been in an accident to seek treatment. The best way to stay healthy and address injuries is through prevention. Back, neck, and shoulder pain come from many sources, and it can linger if not properly treated. Many people tolerate chronic pain from childhood and other injuries. A car accident is the thing that pushed them in the right direction.

Pain relief is best achieved with the proper prevention. Before you get in an accident, see a chiropractor and schedule regular adjustments. If you experience a low level of chronic pain, you’ll set a new baseline expectation for what’s normal. Even an office job causes pain if you aren’t taking the proper ergonomic precautions. Chiropractors will then tell you when your alignment is optimized. You’ll know what you should feel like.

Careful prevention is also practiced on the road. Don’t wait until you’re slamming on your brakes to avoid an accident. This type of stress could cause whiplash too. Not all accidents are avoidable. The majority are caused by careless driving of some type. Be more aware in bad weather. Don’t forget best practices when you’re near home. Most accidents happen in the areas you’re most familiar with. Never text or talk on the phone while driving, and keep both hands on the wheel. These are things we talk about every day. They’re frequently forgotten when we get on the road. Part of prevention is more complex.

Ask yourself how healthy your body is. Are you on a healthy diet and exercise regimen? Are you maintaining a healthy weight? Do you participate in a lot of high-impact sports? Obesity, high-impact sports, and a lack of proper nutrients all break down the body. If you haven’t already, make it a point to sit down with chiropractors and other health professionals. Assess your current lifestyle choices and make changes now. You’ll be surprised how great you can feel. To see the difference before or after an accident, visit our website and schedule your appointment.