One of the biggest mistakes dieters make is aiming too high. If you’re serious about losing 100 Lbs, it’s possible. That should never be your initial goal. Instead, experts recommend breaking it down into little pieces. Work your way up to a bigger weight loss goal in small clumps. Aim to lose two pounds this week or ten pounds in the next few weeks. Create reasonable goals you can achieve in a short time. It’s all about the little victories when you step on the scale. It’s not just about keeping your spirits high. It’s a matter of being realistic. You aren’t going to lose a ton of weight and reach your goal overnight. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for a diet and exercise plan.

The second mistake many dieters make is underestimating the benefits of these small steps. Losing just 10% of your current body weight has major health benefits. Of course, the exact amount varies based on how much you weigh. The good news is it’s easier to burn calories and lose weight when you weigh more. It’s much easier to wrap your head around 20 Lbs than 100. Outside of being easier, what are the definable benefits of losing just 10% of your body weight?

Get Healthier with a Pelham Weight Loss Center

A little weight loss goes a long way when you do it right. Five or ten pounds builds your confidence. If you maintain the same habits, keeping it off becomes easier. If you weight 250 Lbs, 25 could come off more easily than you think. Once you hit this point, you’ll notice a few distinct health benefits.

  • Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: We’ve all heard about the benefits of diet and exercise for patients with type 2 diabetes. Once you have it, a healthy lifestyle helps you control or even eliminate it. Losing just 10% of your body weight reduces the risk of getting it in the first place. Even those with significant family history have a better chance when they establish healthy habits and lose weight.
  • Reduce the Risk of Certain Cancers: The risk of certain cancers rises dramatically with obesity. Losing 10% of your body weight reduces the risk. The body is better able to care for itself. Gallbladder, prostate, breast, and colon are just a few of the cancers related to obesity.
  • Improve Heart Health: Heart disease is one of the most common problems facing Americans right now. Even limited weight loss can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This improves heart health and reduces the risk of congestive heart failure, stroke, and heart disease. You don’t have to lose it quickly. Tests analyzed patients who lost 10% of their body weight within six months.
  • Increased Energy Levels: Imagine carrying around your own body weight all the time. You don’t have to walk fast or run. Everyday tasks require more energy for people who weigh more. When you make healthy lifestyle changes and lose weight, your step is that much lighter. Don’t be surprised when energy levels increase.
  • Improved Sense of Wellbeing: It’s easy to get excited about even little accomplishments as long as you expect it. If you tell yourself you need to lose 50 Lbs, 10 means nothing. If you tell yourself you want to lose 10 and you reach it within 1-2 months, you’ve taken the next step. As you watch the pounds shed away, don’t be surprised if you experience a greater sense of wellbeing.

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The bigger your weight loss goals, the longer it will take to reach them. It’s possible to get there, though. Part of the challenge is finding the diet and exercise routine that makes sense for you. Don’t fall for quick fixes and extreme diets. Look for lifestyle changes you’ll maintain for the rest of your life. McKenna Family Chiropractic offers tools and guidance. We also help patients keep their bodies in top shape. Sometimes, a routine adjustment is all patients need to eliminate barriers to their own success.

We work with patients every day to find answers. It’s not about diet and exercise alone. Our goal is helping patients build the foundation for their own success. For more information on weight loss and more in Pelham, click here and schedule your appointment.