Fight Cluster Headaches with a Chiropractor in Pelham

Most people have suffered from a headache at one point or another. They take an aspirin and move on with their day. For others, it’s not quite that simple. Some headaches are caused by stress or dehydration while others can become a chronic and debilitating issue. Migraines can disrupt work schedules and even lead to people taking time off work. Cluster headaches aren’t as extensive as migraines, but they can still be debilitating for sufferers.

These headaches are rare affecting just 1% of the population. 85% of patients who report cluster headaches are male while 15% are female. Migraines often set in gradually. Cluster headaches hit all at once leading to extreme and unexpected pain. Unfortunately, the name comes from the fact that they occur in multiples. So after you get rid of one, you might suffer another and another. A single headache in this cycle could last 15 minutes or three hours depending on the one.

Patients often compare the pain to a hot poker in the eye. The pain can extend into areas like the forehead, cheek, head, and neck. It can also cause drooping, redness, and tearing. It may or may not cause nausea and vomiting. We don’t know the exact cause of cluster headaches. They’re known to be cyclical, and some patients don’t suffer any for years at a time before they resume.

Can a Chiropractor in Pelham Help with Cluster Headaches?

The simple answer is yes, a chiropractor in Pelham can help you control cluster headaches. As with many other things, there’s a much more complicated answer. We don’t know what causes cluster headaches or what can cause them to go away for years at a time. Chiropractors don’t provide a cure for your headaches. We take a more all-inclusive approach by looking at the way the body functions and heals. Then chiropractors can create a treatment plan with the patient.

Cluster headaches are a sign other things are going wrong in the body. It isn’t operating as it’s meant to. Chiropractors look at the bigger picture around the way the body functions as a whole. When patients come to us with this problem, we look at the upper cervical joints (neck) and the C1 vertebrae in the neck. When patients report cluster headaches, these two areas are frequently misaligned. When this problem is fixed, the nervous system can operate as it’s designed to. You don’t have to worry about the tightness and rigidity commonly associated with cluster headaches.

The ideal outcome of this would be patients never experiencing cluster headaches again. Depending on the severity of the problem and other factors, some patients need regular adjustments. These can be more frequent at first and decrease over time.

Care for Your Body with a Chiropractor in Pelham

Some patients look at adjustments as a one-time fix, especially if their cluster headaches go away. In truth, the same problems that cause the cluster headaches in the first place can come back. Part of your treatment plan should always include regular adjustments. The other part of the process revolves around the way you care for your body on a daily basis.

If you work in a manual field, are you using the right lifting techniques? Even if you stand for long periods of time, are you practicing the proper posture? If you work a desk job, you can talk to professionals or check online resources to learn more about ergonomics. When you take care of your body, your body takes care of you.

A chiropractor in Pelham can help you take care of the things that go wrong along the way. Everyday practices minimize the time you spend in a chiropractor’s office and maximize your results. If you need tips or guidance, professionals are here to help.

Find Experts You Can Count on to Address Cluster Headaches and More

Chiropractic services can provide a range of benefits along the way. Many patients report benefits like reduced back and neck pain. Sometimes, chiropractic care is needed after auto and other accidents. Aligning the spine reduces the stress on your body in general. Depending on the patient, these seemingly small changes could have a larger impact than you might think.

To get the best results, you need experts you can count on. Not every chiropractor has the experience to recognize certain issues. Even if they recognize potential problems, less experienced chiropractors might not know how to treat them.

The professionals at McKenna Family Chiropractic can help you assess your options and see what your options are. If you suffer from cluster headaches, we might be able to help. Just click here and schedule your chiropractic appointment.

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