Fight the Perils of Heels in Pelham with a Chiropractor

A great set of heels can change the way you look and feel. There’s something about it whether you’re going to work or for a night out. Many women have another thought when it comes to heels: how do celebrities and other glamorous women walk so easily in those heels? It seems so effortless until you put on a great set of heels. They’re uncomfortable. Sometimes, you feel like you might fall. At the very least, they seem like a chiropractor’s worst nightmare.

A Pelham chiropractor can’t teach you how to wear heels or save you from slips and falls. Regular adjustments and the right self-care can save you from sore feet and joints. It could also save you from back and neck problems down the road. It all starts with the shoes you buy. Yes, this means you need to reconsider sky-high heels and make conscious choices about what you wear.

You don’t have to skip heels altogether unless your doctor tells you to. The trick is to do your research and try different shoes on. Look for function and fashion.

Get the Right Fit for Your Heels

One of the most important things to consider is the fit. How does it feel when you walk around? With the arch, it’s easy to assume heels are meant to be uncomfortable. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The right heels should look and feel fabulous. Any straps support your feet and keep things in place without rubbing and causing blisters. The bottom of your shoes also provides the right amount of support. You shouldn’t feel pain every time you step. For some people, this means more cushioning. When you wear the right pair of heels, you’ll feel the difference, especially after a long walk.

Don’t be afraid to walk around. See how your feet feel. If you feel any back or neck pain, pay attention. The heel itself could be too high. It could also be the wrong arch for the height. The way the arch is shaped isn’t the only factor in fit. No matter how big the heel, shoes should always support your body starting with your feet without being too tight or too loose.

Is Your Heel the Right Size and Strength?

You don’t need thick heels. Don’t be afraid to look for a stronger heel with more support. This prevents inconvenient mishaps like a broken heel. It also prevents accidents that affect your back and neck. Even with the best pair of heels, pay attention to your whole outfit including your bag. How is the weight distributed? Do you have more on one side? Do you feel like your heel is ready to tip over or snap?

If you haven’t worn heels a lot before, this could be something you have to get used to. It could also be a sign that your heels aren’t strong enough. If you’re carrying a large bag, make sure your weight distribution is as balanced as possible. In most cases, this means carrying a light bag or small wallet. It all starts with the right heel and a firm foundation.

Wear Flat Shoes with Strong Support Whenever Possible

A Pelham chiropractor has tools to help clients. Regular adjustments keep your spine aligned to prevent everyday pain and other problems. Wearing the right heels also goes a long way. Whenever possible, wear flat shoes with healthy support. This takes the stress off your feet and gives you an even surface to stand on. Many experts promote more time barefoot or with minimal material between your feet and the ground.

There’s nothing wrong with a great pair of heels. With the right steps, you can look and feel great whenever you go out. Some people buy different support products to put in the soles of their shoes. Others prefer to minimize their time in heels and similar shoes or be pickier about the type.

Whatever your shoe preferences, let McKenna Family Chiropractic help you keep your body healthy. We offer a range of chiropractic services for varying needs. With our weight loss and other services, we’re confident you’ll find what you need with McKenna Family Chiropractic. To explore the services we offer and set up your first appointment, click here.​

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