Find a Chiropractor for Your Pregnancy in Pelham NY

If you run a quick search, you’ll have no trouble finding information about the trauma a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. With over 6 million pregnancies in the US alone, the cost can add up quickly. Many of the mothers go through multiple pregnancies in their lifetimes. Many women go through “mommy makeovers” or other procedures to try to fix the internal and external damage even one pregnancy can do. Some complications can be reduced or even eliminated with healthy lifestyle choices. The same rules apply to the many complications we see for infants.

During pregnancy and delivery, it’s critical to have a good doctor on your side. They can monitor the health of mother and baby and help mothers make adjustments as needed. Doctors can discuss different medication options and tell you when you need to adjust your plans. Some mothers require C-sections for various reasons.

Experts recommend being healthy before pregnancy. This means maintaining a healthy weight and building your fitness levels. Most pregnant women can maintain the same activity level throughout their pregnancy. This means if you’re running a few miles a day before pregnancy, you can continue to do so unless something comes up. Your doctor can discuss this with you as you go. Doctors aren’t the only ones who can help patients ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Benefits of Working with a Chiropractor during Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, the changes to the body start immediately. Things like morning sickness often come to mind when discussing pregnancy. Hormone levels and the placenta are both increasing. At the same time, many women are adding unusually large doses of key vitamins to their diet. All this combined can cause nausea and stress on the body. The liver works hard during this time. A chiropractor can help from this early stage. With proper chiropractic care, you can optimize liver function to adjust to the inevitable changes in the body. Regular treatments during pregnancy can do much more.

  • Reduce Stress: Sometimes, it’s nice to just get up on the table and relax. Chiropractors will make adjustments for pregnancy, especially as your stomach grows. Regular treatments reduce both physical and emotional stress on the body. The two are often deeply interconnected. Many say regular treatments open the channels for healthy blood flow preventing blockages and more.
  • Reduce Joint Pain: As you might imagine, the extra weight in the midsection can put extra stress on the body. In particular, it can cause back, knee, and other joint pain. This is completely understandable, but also avoidable for many patients. Regular adjustments help you make sure your spine is properly aligned to minimize discomfort. Even though it seems temporary, the misalignments associated with pregnancy can cause pain for years if it goes untreated.
  • Keep Up with Your Routine: There’s nothing like pregnancy to take you out of the game. Whether you work an active job, exercise regularly, or spend long days at the office, pregnancy can make it harder to keep up. This is even truer if you have back and joint pain or other problems as the fetus pushes things around. When women get regular adjustments, they have fewer things taking them out of their normal physical routines. When it affects your exercise levels, this can mean keeping your blood pressure lower. It can also prevent other complications that could hurt mother or baby.
  • Forget about Pregnancy Headaches: Headaches are a common symptom during pregnancy. Some women experience them during their first trimester. They can easily last through the whole pregnancy. Dehydration and stress are common culprits. So make sure you drink plenty of water, relax, and take care of yourself. It can also be associated with misalignments of the neck and upper back.
  • Fewer Drugs during Delivery: Some women might not need drugs during delivery with or without chiropractic care. Others might prefer them either way. Overall, trends show that mothers who schedule regular chiropractic care have a 24% decrease in labor time. There’s also a lower rate of medication use during this time.

Find a Chiropractor Who Understands Pregnancy Care in Pelham NY

A good chiropractor can do great things for women during pregnancy. You should always choose carefully. Not all chiropractors understand the adjustments that need to be made even in the early stages. Even if you have a chiropractor you trust now, you might want to switch during pregnancy. With the right kind of chiropractor, you can have a healthier pregnancy with fewer complications afterward.

How can you find a chiropractor you can trust in Pelham NY? You can ask family and friends and look at different websites. Some chiropractors will offer more information about options for pregnant women. If you have any doubts, always ask your doctor. They can provide recommendations or ask colleagues to make sure you get the right one. To learn about chiropractic care for women in all stages of life, click here and see how McKenna Family Chiropractic can help you.

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