Get the Facts in Pelham about Weight Loss Supplements and More

Weight loss is a billion dollar industry. Every year, thousands of companies sell a range of products promising quick fixes. They say their product melts fat away and transforms your body. Of course, the story isn’t that simple. Diet and exercise are crucial no matter what else you’re using. Some supplements also come with serious side effects and other complications. More importantly, many of the most popular weight loss supplements don’t work.

Sometimes, simple statements are also true. When you delve into the weight loss industry, you’ll see plenty of people saying, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” If a diet pill promises weight loss without diet and exercise, you should find something else. There’s no magic pill. This isn’t the only myth dieters still fall victim to every year.

Common Myths about Weight Loss Supplements

There’s no shortage of myths in the weight loss industry. It makes it hard to know what to believe. Even if they’re not trying to sell anything directly, watch out for a few claims. When you get past the myths, it’s easier to find something that works. What myths should you watch out for?
Myth: African Hoodia Is a Powerful Appetite Suppressant
African Hoodia is one of the most recent weight loss trends. Marketers tell customers African tribes use it on hunting expeditions to suppress appetite. The implication is Africans are thinner because they have hoodia. Of course, the parts of Africa marketers capitalize on also have high rates of poverty, starvation, and other problems. Accepted studies don’t prove any weight loss effects. Its effects haven’t been studied in humans.
Myth: Green Tea Melts Away Fat
Studies show green tea promotes a mild thermogenic fat burning effect in the body. Every study uses substantial amounts. Most diet pills that use green tea don’t use the amounts used in clinical trials. More importantly, the effects of green tea are much milder than advertised. It promotes minimal increases when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan.
Myth: Low-Carb (or Other Trendy Diets) Work for Everyone
Different body types process supplements and diet types in different ways. Low-carb diets are effective for many people. One of the biggest problems dieters run into is keeping the weight loss. Low-carb dieters lose weight quickly. Many times, it’s water weight. Unfortunately, it’s easy to gain it back. Every dieter should find a diet that works for them. It should also be one they’ll stick to. A trendy diet could lead to yo-yo dieting. Long-term weight loss requires lifestyle changes.
Myth: All I Need Is the Right Diet Pill
The myth of the magic bullet diet pill is persistent. As many dieters continue to find out the hard way, it doesn’t exist. Healthy lifestyle changes are the only way to lose weight. Diet supplements are meant to complement the work you’re already doing.
Myth: Synephrine Is a Safe Alternative to Ephedra
Ephedra has a lengthy history of extreme side effects including death. Since its ban, marketers have promoted a range of alternatives. Synephrine is a cousin to ephedrine. Its weight loss benefits are debatable. Synephrine is connected to many of the same side effects as ephedrine.
Myth: If It’s on the Shelf/FDA Approved, It Must Be Safe and Effective
Both prescription and over-the-counter weight loss pills have different issues. They’re not guaranteed to work. In fact, extreme weight gain is a side effect of some prescription weight loss pills. Even with prescriptions, the tests run are with diet and exercise. The results are sometimes minimal. They also aren’t guaranteed safe. Patients with heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions are more likely to face complications.

Work with a Chiropractor in Pelham to Find a Weight Loss Plan

If you’re struggling to lose weight, it could be time to call a chiropractor in Pelham. Weight loss involves many factors including diet, exercise, and parts of your environment. Sometimes, medical conditions stand in your way. McKenna Family Chiropractic works with people trying to lose weight.

We offer products like ChiroThin, a natural dietary supplement designed for weight loss. Patients meet with our experts each week to monitor their progress and ensure continuing success. Regular adjustments also help patients stay active and keep up with exercise routines. They avoid unnecessary back and neck pain and keep things in line.

If you’re interested in losing weight, let McKenna Family Chiropractic help you find solutions. For more information on our programs and options, click here.

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