Making a Healthy Plan for the New Year

Do you want to succeed in achieving your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier, exercise and lose weight?

Dr. Will shares the steps he is taking to achieve his health and exercise goals this coming year.

Now that we are in December and the New Year is quickly approaching, many of us are beginning to think about making healthier choices, losing weight and heading back to the gym. There are also many of us that have it in our mind that we are going to make this our New Year’s resolution but before we know it January 1st is here, and we begin failing at our goals. I have been guilty of the latter several times over the years. This year I have decided I am going to do something different. I am going to make a plan instead of just winging it like I always do. I am already starting to map out what I am going to do, to ensure I meet my goals.

With incidents like these, it is more important than ever to find viable and less harmful methods to help you quit smoking. We already know the harm smoking cigarettes does to the body but now, what was once thought of a “healthier” alternative and a helpful tool to help you quit smoking, is possibly doing more harm even quicker.

Start easing into your fitness routine now.

First off why wait until January to start hitting the gym? It is hard enough to start eating right but throwing workouts into the mix at the same time can be too much for people. I propose we all start working out now!

We have 4 weeks before the end of the year. We can all start doing some cardio for a couple of weeks and then start lifting light weights until the New Year. At that point, we can then go full steam ahead.

By easing in we cut down on our own discouragement. By doing too much working out all at once, it is easy to get winded, too sore and very easily too negative about the whole process. By starting now, we can ease into working out. We can build up stamina and strength before we even have to begin dieting.

Begin eliminating unhealthy food and drink from your diet.

Another thing we can start to do now is to begin cutting down on foods that we know we are going to have a hard time giving up. Let’s all sit down and think for a minute “What food and drink am I addicted to?”.

Identifying these for me is very simple: beer, pizza, Chinese food and all types of bread. The plan is to begin cutting down on them over the course of the next month until it is time to give them up completely. It is very hard to give up anything cold turkey. The thought of not having a cold beer and a slice of pizza for a few months brings tears to my eyes. However, by cutting down now I am preparing myself for success.

Create a healthy menu plan and shopping list.

Another thing we can do is start planning our January menu. I usually wait until the last minute to figure out what I am going to be eating on a daily basis. Before you know it, I have no healthy food in the house, get hungry and make a bad decision. Then the guilt and negativity set in and my resolutions are done.

This year I am already making out my daily menu so that I can shop and have all I need available in my house. Studies show that people who eat the same healthy dish on a regular basis tend to lose weight.

Choose a weight loss program.

Lastly, now is the time to figure out what weight loss program you are going to use. For some, a healthy diet is all that is required, for others, a regimented program is their path to success.

In my office, we have several programs such as Chirothin, Ha2Cg Laser Weight Loss and DFH 2-week cleanse and 2-week diet. Choose one now so that you can prepare your menu and workout regimen according to their corresponding schedule.

Schedule a Free Consult with Dr. Will to choose the best program for your individual wellness and weight loss.

New Year’s is coming! Start planning now and get ahead of the game. By preparing now we can avoid the same failures we are prone to every year. Preparation is the key to our success!

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