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Launches On October 12, 2020

The MFC Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge is designed to provide the tools, education, and support you need to jumpstart healthy habits and help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

VegeCleanse Plus™ 14-Day Detox

Our Phase 1 detoxification program helps to jumpstart your weight loss by removing the toxins that may make it difficult to lose weight.  

VegeMeal Plus™ Lean Body Program

Our Phase 2 program supports healthy weight loss while maintaining lean muscle, reduced cravings and balanced blood sugar levels/

Personal Training Sessions

2x weekly, 30-minute training sessions exclusively available to group members. Tailored to the phases of the MFC  Challenge.

Who is the MFC Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge for?

This weight loss challenge is for men and women (age 18 +) who want or need to lose weight, get fit, be healthier, and thrive in a healthy new lifestyle. This is your opportunity to take the first step towards prioritizing your health and wellness and making a positive change that will impact all aspects of your everyday life for the better.

How much weight can I lose?

Most participants who adhere to the program lose on average between 15 – 25lbs. during the MFC Weight Loss & Fitness 6-week program.

How does the MFC Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge work?

Participants who opt-in to the program will be scheduled for a personalized weight loss consultation with Dr. Will. You will also receive an invitation to the members-only MFC Weight Loss & Fitness Support Group. Participants will earn points for overall weight loss as well as participating in mini-challenges within the group.   The winner of the challenge will be the participant with the most overall points at the end of the challenge.

When are the personal training sessions?

The personal training sessions are held live online every Tuesday and Thursday, with two available time-slots for your convenience, 8:00 am or 6:30 pm. The recorded sessions are also available on-demand in case you miss one.

Is there a strict meal plan menu?

The MFC Weight Loss & Fitness program is about creating lifelong healthy habits by teaching you the optimal foods to incorporate in your diet to lose weight and maintain healthy body weight after the program has ended. Suggested menus are available for your convenience but you can also mix and match to your personal taste.

Why is a Chiropractor running a Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge?

As a Chiropractor, Dr. Will McKenna’s main focus is the body’s musculoskeletal and nervous system. His goal is to help his patients live healthy and pain-free lives naturally. He knows one of the single largest contributors to poor health and a lesser quality of life is excess weight and too little physical activity. Dr. Will has worked with many patients over the years to help them improve their overall health by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support to lose weight and become more active.

Do I need any equipment to participate in the MFC Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge?

The only equipment you need is a scale, a desire to change, and a positive attitude.

A $1249 Value Now Just $649

  • Personalized Weight Loss Consultation
  • 6 Weeks of Expert Support & Guidance
  • 12 Online Personal Training Sessions
  • 2 Week Supply of VegeCleanse Plus™
  • 4 Week Supply of VegeMeal Plus™
  • Members Only Support Group
  • Journal/Food Diary
  • Weekly Recipes

For shipment direct to your home orders must be placed by Oct. 5th, Kits will then be available for pickup in office at MFC.

Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge



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