Reduce Back Pain Every Day in Pelham NY

Patients come into our offices everyday looking for relief from back pain. Some have chronic back pain from years of work-related or other physical stress. Others have recently been involved in an auto accident or other stressful events leading to back pain in Pelham NY. If you have severe back pain, chiropractors often start out with frequent visits to align your spine and reduce pain over time. The frequency of these visits will reduce over time until you only need the occasional adjustments or none at all. Even if you have mild ongoing back pain, you can also benefit from regular visits to make sure everything is in order with your back.

One of the most important things you can remember if you suffer from back pain is daily maintenance. A lot of the responsibility falls back on you. A chiropractor can only do so much, especially if you’re only seeing them once a week or less often. Most people also don’t want to see a chiropractor multiple times each week. Reducing these types of problems can be much easier than you think.

Tips to Reduce Back Pain in Pelham NY

Reducing back pain can be easier than you think with professionals in Pelham NY. What can you do?

  • Be Conscious of Your Posture: Whether you’re walking, sitting, or standing somewhere, always watch your posture. When you don’t watch your posture, your discs and joints can easily fall out of alignment. Find something to remind you to watch your posture if you need it.
  • Take Your Vitamins: Vitamins and minerals are essential to take care of your body, and your back is no exception. Regular calcium and vitamin D can strengthen your spine.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: 80% of your spinal discs are pure water. If you get dehydrated, they can’t work the way they’re supposed to. Keep water by you throughout the day to make sure you get enough.
  • Work Your Core: Daily cardio can get you active and reduce your weight. This puts less stress on your back. A strong core can also help you avoid back pain and other problems. Some people focus on more physical activity overall. Strengthening your back and abdominal muscles can protect your back from further pain.
  • Ask for Help: Especially as you age, many everyday things can put stress on your back. Things like moving boxes between houses or at work can damage your back. If you lift things regularly at work, always use the proper lifting techniques. More importantly, if it might be too heavy for you alone, put your pride aside. Never be afraid to ask for help. If you overestimate how much you can lift, it could cause serious damage. This is especially true if it’s a repeated problem.
  • Schedule Regular Appointments to Control Back Pain in Pelham NY

    If you notice back pain, always talk to a chiropractor about your options. A professional can help you set up the right schedule that will help you control your back pain and prevent future injuries. Chiropractors can help you diagnose the problem. Then we can determine how often you should come in and make a treatment plan. The long-term prognosis depends on how regularly you make your appointments and how treatment goes.

    As back pain fades, many patients in Pelham NY may not remember to schedule more appointments. They get busy, and their back pain isn’t at the forefront of their mind. So they put their focus on other things and forget about their appointments. The problem is back pain will gradually return. If you don’t keep up with your regular appointments, you’ll have to start all over or go back to more frequent appointments to get rid of the pain later on. If you keep up on your maintenance appointments, even when you don’t feel back pain right now, you can prevent it from coming back.

    Work with a Chiropractor You Can Trust

    McKenna Family Chiropractic has spent years helping many patients address back pain in Pelham NY. We address problems that have built up through years of stress on the back and more recent accidents. We also help patients learn about the best ways to take care of their back to prevent future back pain.

    You can trust our expertise in back pain and much more. We provide spinal alignment and other services. It just depends on what you’re looking for. To get started and schedule an appointment with professionals at Mckenna Family Chiropractic, click here.

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