Running is a high impact sport requiring proper maintenance and often rigorous training to stay competitive. Whether or not a person achieves a personal record can come down to how well their body is maintained. Chiropractic care can help support runners every step of the way.


When the body is out of alignment, joints and muscles will try to compensate causing them to become overly stressed. This can lead to common running injuries such as shin splints, ankle sprains, and fasciitis. Hip and knee pain is also a common complaint among runners. Regular chiropractic checkups can help prevent injury and aches and pains by focusing on biomechanics, posture, and proper spinal alignment. 

Unfortunately, not all injuries are preventable. When an injury occurs, Chiropractic treatments can also support healing, and reduce pain levels. In fact, a Canadian study has found that chiropractic care can indeed improve healing. Their study followed 16 injured long-distance runners. Not only were the participants were able to recover more quickly under chiropractic care, 7 of the participants also went on to achieve personal record times.



Researchers are now looking at ways chiropractic care can improve performance for runners. A small research study from Sweden looked at hip extension and velocity in response to chiropractic care. The researchers measured the hip extension and velocity of 17 male runners before and after they underwent chiropractic treatment. The researchers were able to lengthen hip extension of the runners, however; more research needs to be done to determine if this increase in hip extension can actually lead to an increase in velocity. 

Routine chiropractic care is an excellent strategy to support and help you achieve your goals. If you would like learn more about don’t how chiropractic care can support your training, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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