Treating Shoulder, Arm, and Hand Problems in Pelham with Chiro Care

Pain is an ongoing issue for people in the US and abroad. You don’t have to work a hard labor job to put stress on your back, neck, and other areas. In accidents or just by sitting at a desk the wrong way, you can push them out of alignment causing pain and soreness. According to the National Institutes of Health, “Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined.” Estimates suggest 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain at any given time.

Some issues are temporary when addressed by chiropractors and other professionals. Others require ongoing physical therapy and medication. Pain clinics have become increasingly common across the United States. While conditions like arthritis are common, they aren’t always easy to treat. Many times, they require a combination of treatments from pain medication to chiro and physical therapies. Regardless of how common these issues are, they shouldn’t be mistaken for being normal or unavoidable.

The shoulders, arms, and hands are common areas for pain. Chronic pain in these areas is often linked to the brachial plexus. This is a nerve that runs from the lower neck to the upper shoulder. It’s an integral part of the system that allows you to feel in the shoulder, arms, and hands. When this nerve is damaged, it can cause a plethora of issues in those areas. While you might think of sports injuries, this can also be associated with stretching, birth trauma, and much more.

What Kind of Symptoms Can You Expect with Brachial Plexopathy Injuries?

The shoulder, arm, and hand can experience mild but constant pain. Severe stabbing pain is also possible. Some people in Pelham who come in for chiro treatment experience numbness or tingling and burning rather than pain. Any abnormal sensation that persists should be treated seriously.

Of course, one of the top concerns of many medical professionals is addiction and dependence on prescription drugs. In fact, some doctors won’t even prescribe it. Pharmacies will only dispense small amounts at a time, and patients have to go into specialized pain clinics. If the pain is short-term, pain medication can be used to relieve pain while you fix the core issue. Some conditions require long-term medical treatment with prescription pain meds and steroids. Unfortunately, when pills are the first course of treatment, they can mask other serious conditions. Some can also increase your risk of side effects and other health issues.

Chiro treatments aren’t always a viable treatment plan for every patient. Doctors and chiropractors can work together to make a plan with individual patients. Either way, ongoing therapy is essential for long-term success. Over time, your need for adjustments should decrease along with any need for pain medications. Doctors can help patients make adjustments to prescriptions.

With the proper treatment, patients should expect to see their doctor and chiropractor less often. Especially if pain or numbness comes back, you should treat the problem earlier rather than later. In some cases, early intervention can reduce the need for pain medications or surgery.

Does Chiropractic Therapy Work for Chronic Pain?

Sometimes, chronic pain is caused by auto or other accidents. It has become increasingly common for patients to seek alternative resolutions for their pain. This includes chiropractic care, massage, physical therapy, and more. Even when you have chronic burning, numbness, and pain, chiro treatments can help you build more support. You can address areas of weakness and even reduce the need for painkillers and other therapies.

If you’re exploring this option, one of the most important things to consider is consistency. Are you ready to make all your appointments? Can you commit to more adjustments up front? Some patients come in a few times a week at first. Case studies have repeatedly shown the benefits of chiro care with licensed professionals. The success or failure depends on the consistency of patients, expertise of practitioners, and type of injury. An experienced professional can provide a complete assessment.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement or visiting a chiropractor for the first time, McKenna Family Chiropractic can help. We offer chiropractic care, weight loss solutions, and much more. Our patients can find solutions for everyday back pain and more severe problems after accidents. We also offer treatments that help patients reduce ongoing arthritis and other pain. For more information on your options and how we can change things for you, click here.

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