Unexpected Benefits of the HCG Diet for Patients in Pelham NY

Anywhere you look, you can see ads and people talking about the HCG diet. Patients in Pelham NY and elsewhere are using this unconventional approach to drop the pounds and get healthier. Clinics specializing in HCG use hormone injections to improve the results. Then they work with you to get on the right diet plan. Some patients also implement a rigorous exercise plan to go with it. In the early stages, many patients start out focusing solely on the diet and HCG.

People aren’t just losing weight with HCG. As with any effective weight loss plan, patients expect other benefits as well. While HCG hasn’t been officially FDA approved, more clinics across the country are offering this option.

Enjoy Body Sculpting with Weight Loss in Pelham

Patients in Pelham come to a weight loss clinic to drop the pounds. The idea isn’t just to lose weight for the sake of losing weight. Patients want their bodies to look better. Sometimes, it means losing weight overall. Many patients have specific areas they’re concerned about. HCG doesn’t just help you lose more weight, much of which could be water weight. If you use the wrong techniques, you could lose weight quickly. You could also gain it back just as quickly.

HCG is designed to help patients sculpt their bodies. It helps users reduce body measurements overall. So you’re not just losing pounds, but also inches. You can say goodbye to things like double chins and potbellies with a little hard work and an expert to get you going in the right direction. HCG is also known to rejuvenate structural fat. This refreshes the look of the hands, neck, and face.

The HCG diet is combined with a dietary restriction of just 500 calories a day. The transition to the diet makes it hard for some to exercise too rigorously early on. With HCG, patients can avoid losing muscle mass as you might expect on a 500 calorie a day diet. Many patients also report a smaller appetite. So you don’t have to feel like you’re starving all the time while you’re on the HCG diet.

Health Benefits to Expect with an HCG Weight Loss Plan in Pelham

Patients in Pelham come to a weight loss clinic to look and feel better. When you follow a healthy weight loss plan, you should expect to see an overall improvement in health. Some researchers believe HCG lowers cholesterol levels while also normalizing the thyroid gland. As you lose weight, you might also notice reduced pain levels and a lower risk of issues like heart disease. Patients with type 2 diabetes can also see improvements by losing weight.

Losing weight can also improve self-esteem. Many patients specifically report less irritability and improved mood overall with HCG. Some patients also report less trouble sleeping and improved quality of sleep. Patients report these benefits through the duration of the treatment. The exact differences vary between individual patients.

Get Better Results with the HCG Diet and Experts in Pelham NY

If you want better results with your weight loss plan in Pelham, the first step is to find a weight loss clinic. HCG should always be administered and monitored by professionals. Hormones and a low-calorie diet can both be problematic for the wrong person. If HCG is the right solution for you, McKenna Family Chiropractic can help you get started. We can discuss the plan ahead of time to prepare you for what’s ahead. Then we can help you map out your diet plan and make adjustments as we go.

You can try to do some parts of the HCG diet on your own. Many people get better results when they work closely with experts at McKenna Family Chiropractic. Weight loss is just one part of the process when you start the HCG diet. You can expect emotional and physical health benefits along with body shaping. McKenna Family Chiropractic provides support to keep you on track.

If you’re ready to start your weight loss plan and see all the associated benefits, click here. You can schedule your first appointment with us and discuss your weight loss options.

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