Unexpected Positive Effects of Pelham Weight Loss

Unexpected Positive Effects of Pelham Weight LossYou may want to lose weight to meet your own goal, like fitting into a smaller dress size or being able to keep up better with kids or grandkids. But there can be added advantages to losing weight that you never thought about. For those who have struggled with weight issues over the course of a lifetime, weight loss can have many health benefits that make everyday life better and easier. Here are some of the many things patients report noticing after visiting our Pelham weight loss clinic.

Breathing with More Ease

Carrying around excess weight can make it harder for you to breathe even if you aren’t doing anything physically taxing. The increased pressure makes it harder for your lungs to contract and relax and places more pressure on the internal systems to ensure the oxygen coming in circulates to all the vital organs. As you lose weight, this process becomes less taxing on the body, which allows your resting heart rate to go down. You might find it easier to take up athletic pursuits like walking, swimming or other forms of cardio exercise and improve your health even more.

More Restful Sleep

Carrying around extra weight limits how restful your sleep can be. Some of the many sleep issues that overweight people tend to experience include:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Snoring
  • Difficulty breathing while sleeping, leading to restlessness
  • Back, hip and knee pain which makes resting difficult

Loss of sleep affects you in many areas of your life while you are awake. Science has shown that people who do not get enough sleep are less productive and tend to eat more. They also have problems concentrating and can be irritable or short tempered for no reason.  

Ease of Joint Pressure or Pain

Ease of Joint Pressure or PainThe extra pounds can affect key joints in the body, especially those put under repeated strain like knees and ankles. The increased weight can hurt the cartilage inside the joints and cause it to deteriorate so that bones meet each other without anything in place to soften the impact. This makes every step you take painful. If left unresolved, this kind of pressure on joints can lead to the premature need for surgery, like hip or knee replacements. These surgeries carry serious risks and long recovery times, so losing weight and preventing the need for surgery in the first place is well worth the effort.

Help You Meet Fitness or Life Goals

Have you always dreamed of climbing Mount Everest? Maybe running a half marathon is on your bucket list.  When you lose weight, these impossible seeming goals can become doable. The reduced strain on your body makes it easier to train and get into peak physical shape. While you may not become an Olympic athlete, you will certainly find it easier to perform those physical tasks you have been looking forward to doing for years.

Lower Health Insurance Premiums

Lower Health Insurance PremiumsReducing your weight can help you save money on health insurance premiums each month, which can add up to a large amount saved over time. If your weight loss in Pelham helps you lower high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels or lower your risk of being diagnosed with diabetes, it might be enough to reduce your premiums by more than a few dollars, as you are no longer in as much risk of needing long term care. This can also mean reduced medical costs, as better health will mean less doctors visits and tests to monitor the state of your health over time.

These are just a few of the positive daily effects of an effective HCG diet in Pelham, NY. To find out more about what you can expect when you visit the weight loss clinic at McKenna Family Chiropractic, contact us today. We are here to help make your weight loss dreams a reality.

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