Weight Loss and Exercise on the hCG Diet for Patients in Pelham

The hCG diet continues to gain in popularity with more people losing large amounts of weight. The theory is that pregnant women cycle through more calories. So both men and women can use the hormone as a weight loss tool. Of course, any time you’re using hCG, you also need to work with trained specialists. The hCG diet isn’t just about injections or supplements. You also have to follow a diet to lose weight. A combination of diet and exercise is required with most plans, but how much? When you’re using hormone treatments, do the same rules apply to achieve weight loss in Pelham?

As with anything else, one of the most important things you should know is that everybody is different. What works well for one person doesn’t always have the same results for another. Many people discovered this when following the Atkins and other popular low-carb diets. One of the most important things in any weight loss plan is consistency. You should be prepared to put in the work for years to come. You’re making lifestyle changes, and exercise should be part of this in the long run. Some people might be encouraged by exercise with hCG. Others might want to stick with mild exercise only. One of the best things to do is work with experts.

Things to Consider in Pelham with a Weight Loss Clinic

When you start the hCG diet with experts in Pelham NY, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Doctors can take measurements and talk to you about past experiences. Most of our patients have never been on the hCG diet. We can nail down your diet patterns and see if the hCG diet is right for you. The more we know about your history, the more we can help you in helping the right plan. We can also review any injuries that might prevent you from certain types of exercise.

Once you start the hCG diet, pay attention to what your body is telling you. If longer walks with the dog at first are too much, you need to work your way up. Always pay attention to how you feel, particularly at first. You can track this alongside your weight loss and know if hCG is working for you. You’ll also know when you might be exercising too much and when you find the balance.

Watch out for things like ongoing food cravings or severe fatigue after you exercise. Some tiredness is normal, but if it gets too severe, you might be exercising too much.

Exercise Can Get Easier in Pelham at a Weight Loss Clinic

Exercising while you’re on the hCG diet can be extremely beneficial for patients in Pelham NY. It’s not right for everybody, though. Some patients are restricted from exercising by their weight. Their heart isn’t healthy enough for rigorous exercise, or movement might be difficult. As you lose weight, the same exercise doesn’t take the same amount of energy or stress.

As you progress, exercise can enhance the weight loss effects of the hCG diet. It’s also just healthier for you. With the hCG diet, it’s common for many patients to lose some muscle mass. Exercise can help you mitigate this loss once you’re ready. When you can build or maintain lean muscle mass, you accelerate weight loss and set your body up to keep it off.

Weight Loss Expectations with hCG and Exercise in Pelham

What happens when you exercise with an hCG diet in Pelham NY? The facts may surprise you. For one thing, you can expect slower weight loss when you exercise on hCG. Exercise can cause some water retention, and you could also be building or maintaining more lean muscle mass. Both these things translate into slower weight loss. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you’re losing less fat.

As you might expect, you should also eat a little more. Whether you’re using mild or strenuous exercise, the standard hCG diet won’t always provide the calories you need for exercise. If you start feeling lightheaded or notice other problems during exercise, talk to doctors about changing your diet. Also, be ready to reduce the intensity of some past workouts and pay special attention to the electrolytes you’re getting. To explore your options with hCG and other weight loss tools with experts in Pelham, click here.

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